Overall Resource Efficiency (ORE) – A Way to Measure, Quantify and Kick Start Operational Improvements

2/10/2018 13:55 - 14:30

How does your company prioritize what area or activities to work in terms of improvement? This sessions describes a comprehensive study to measure, quantify and kick-start operational improvements for any manufacturing factory.

An Overall Resource Effectiveness (ORE™) study provides you with:

  • Detailed OEE report of your toolset or equipment
  • Detailed Human Resource Effectiveness report of your personnel
  • Floor management practices analysis
  • Maintenance practices analysis
  • Action plans to improve OEE and Output
  • Action plans to improve cycle time
An ORE measures the effectiveness of your factory’s tools, personnel, systems and organization and determines your ultimate throughput, cycle time and cost improvement potential.

Mario Faria, VP Operations, The MAX Group