Culture by Design

10/31/2018 12:20 - 12:55

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  • Every organization, operating company, site, factory, cell and team is a reflection of their leadership, and your leadership is perfectly designed to produce exactly what you have
  • To create real change in a business we need to first understand what drives the business. The source of power is the people and their behaviors. To change a business you must change people’s behaviors. The sum of these behaviors is the culture. All business results are driven from the behaviors of people. When you change the culture you change the business. Teaching people how to think and act differently is the key
  • The culture of your business can be your most powerful strategic advantage. The intelligence, goodness and alignment of your people are difficult to replicate. When your employees think and act in alignment to the customer and the business you can’t lose. Businesses who focus on people, and establish values and principles throughout the organization will drive unparalleled success
  • There are fundamental leadership principles that will drive and empower a continuous improvement culture. We typically are taught the principles and tools of lean but are unfamiliar with the empowering culture component that is driven by leadership principles. These leadership principles coupled with principles of the Toyota Production System form the most powerful combination for business success
  • This session describes the process and principles for creating the most powerful form of a continuous improvement culture through creating an environment throughout the entire organization where we can make better choices that drive better results

Eric Pope, VP of Operations, US Synthetic