Increasing People Engagement through Coaching, Mentoring and Empowerment

08:55 - 09:30

      In today’s manufacturing environment, companies aspire to be free of safety and quality incidents while mastering performance. To achieve this, it is necessary for companies to develop their team members through effective coaching and mentoring to ensure that all members understand the path to success. At Nestlé, we have accelerated this journey by leveraging Nestlé Continuous Excellence (NCE) which is our way of engaging the hearts and minds of our people in a consumer driven war on waste. Since the launch of Nestlé Continuous Excellence in 2008, Nestlé has increased people engagement through empowerment and by involving our people in support of creating value for the end consumer. While Nestlé Continuous Excellence has been beneficial to all employees, it has had a big impact on employees within manufacturing.

Key Messages:

  • Understanding how Nestlé Continuous Excellence improves maintenance and reliability in Nestlé
  • The benefit of empowering employees through coaching
  • How to translate ‘Going for Zero’ to your site by building competencies in your people
  • Increasing reliability by increasing capability

Stephanie Hart, Vice President of Manufacturing, Nestlé USA - Ice Cream